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What is the Rare Book Room and what can I put in there?

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What can I put in a Rare Book Room?

To qualify for the Rare Book Room, your listing must have a price of at least USD $100.00 and have at least one photo added.

Rare Book Room

The Rare Book Room is a unique area of our site. Our professional independent booksellers offer books here that are significant in some way. For the book collector, this is a useful tool.

Is there a fee?

The Rare Book Room is FREE.

What sells in the Rare Book Room?

Many types of unique or collectible items sell well in the Rare Book Room. Due to the visual nature of the Rare Book Room, listings sell particularly well if they have high quality images with them. In particular, here are a few of the higher end items that have sold through the Biblio Rare Book Room:

  • Gone With the Wind. Signed First Edition. $16,625
  • Catch-22. Signed First Edition. $7,500
  • Foundation Trilogy. 3 volumes; First Editions. $5,200
  • White Stains by Aleister Crowley. First Edition. $7,500
  • Profiles in Courage. Signed First Edition. $6,600

Add books one at a time to a Rare Book Room

You will see the option to add to a Rare Book Room on each qualifying listing, both on your internal product listing page and on the customer's view of your listings. As long as you are logged into your BiblioDirect menu, you'll see options for editing your listings live (customers don't see those options because they are not logged into your account).

Items can only be added to the Rare Book Rooms one at a time. The tools available for doing so are not the most efficient if you want to add many items at one sitting, but we have made the process much easier than it used to be.

Using internal tools to add books to Rare Book Rooms:

Start by going to your bookseller menu and click on Inventory at the top of the page. Select Show Inventory. Use the Sort by menu on the right side to sort your list by Newest first or Price (highest to lowest). You can also click With photos - that's on the left side of the page, under your Search Within options. That should get you a list of your most recently added (or most expensive) books which have photos added. Find books on that list which are priced at $100 or more. Click the SKU or the Edit button (pen and paper icon on the right) to get to the Edit listing page.

On the new Edit listing pages you'll see these tabs:


Rare book room and featured listings

Click on Rare book room and featured listings to add the item to a Rare Book Room. You will be able to choose the room which best fits that listing by subject matter. You can add items to multiple rooms if you wish. To remove, click the small x next to the name of the room. Be sure to save your changes. You can hit the back button on your browser to get back to your list.

On the same page you'll also see the option to add qualifying books your Featured listings. Always be sure to hit the Save button when you're done.

For details about managing your listings manually using internal tools, click here.

Please drop us an email at with any questions about how that works.

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