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How do I Connect and Upload files on a Mac via FTP using Fetch?

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This instruction pertains to the most recent version of Fetch.  If you are using an older version, please contact the makers of that software for instruction.

For further information about about FTP, click here.

To view or change your Biblio FTP login information, use the Upload Settings link in your BiblioDirect bookseller menu.

To use Fetch, make sure that you have your Biblio FTP account set up, and you have your FTP login information handy.

1) Open Fetch.   It will prompt you to enter your FTP login information.

2) For "Hostnane", type "", so that you are sending to Biblio's FTP host/domain.  Enter your Biblio FTP username and password, and click "Connect".  Please note that your FTP username and password are both case sensitive, so they need to be entered exactly as they appear.  You may want to copy and paste your login information.

3) Once you have logged in, you should see a "fulfillment" folder in your FTP directory for Biblio.  You can simply drag the files or image folder that you want to upload to Biblio onto an empty space in that directory.  Please do not place the files you want to upload inside the "fulfillment" folder!

Rather than clicking and dragging files, you can also click on "Put", and then select the inventory file or image files/folder you want to upload from the window that pops up.  Confirm your choice and then click on "Put".  You will see the files/folders you selected in your Biblio FTP directory.  When the files are no longer visible in that directory, you will know that they have been uploaded!

Please Note: If you are uploading photos of your books via FTP, and you have image files for your books stored inside of a folder on your computer, please note that you are welcome to upload the whole folder via FTP, even if you have previously uploaded some of the images in that folder to Biblio.  There is no harm in sending those image files more than once, and it will save you time determining which images still need to be sent!

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