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How do I add book photos from my website?

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If you already have photos of your books online, you can add an image URL field to your uploads that you send to Biblio. Biblio's systems will automatically copy your images from the URL that you provide over to your books on Biblio.

Biblio's upload processing system supports up to 5 image URL's per book.

Contact Biblio's bookseller support team at to coordinate adding image URL's to your inventory upload files. 

We can also set up image fetching, based on a consistent URL structure, if you have your book images stored that way on a separate location or your own website.  If we can get that set up for you, you would not have to upload any URL's.  We'll simply fetch your images from your website, as long as the image locations are based on a predictable URL structure, such as: inventory number).jpg

Click here for Biblio's recommendations and minimum size requirements for book photos.

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