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How do I find my books with no photos?

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We have created a tool for finding your listings which have no photos attached.   If you are using the new version of our bookseller menu, look in the "At a glance" menu for the line "Number of listings without photos".  Click on the number in green to show a list of listings with no photos.

If you are using the old version of our menu, look inside the "My Account @ A Glance" underneath your "Books listed" count for the link "Number of books without photos".  The number you see there is a link you can click on to view a list of your books with no bookseller photos attached.

If you see books on that list which do have photos attached to them, it is most likely because you have performed that search during a re-indexing cycle, and it may take an hour or two for those books to disappear from that list.

Click here for Biblio's recommendations and minimum size requirements for book photos.

Me encantó encontrar el libro que buscaba y vuestro servicio. Fue fantástico poder encontrar un ejemplar descatalogado y recibirlo a tiempo.

Margaret, PA