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Does a purge and replace affect my uploaded photos?

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Performing a purge and replace with your inventory will not affect your uploaded book photos, as long as you have not changed anything about your inventory numbers.  When you upload a replacement file containing all your current listings, our system will match your re-uploaded records back up with your previously uploaded photos.

Strictly speaking, images are not deleted from our system, unless you specifically choose to "overwrite existing images" (you'll see the overwrite option only when manually uploading images, one at a time).  Our system matches your images to your listings using a combination of your specific inventory numbers for each item (also sometimes called "SKU" or book ID) and your Biblio bookseller account number.  As long as you have not changed your item or inventory numbers at all, your images will be matched up to their correct listings again, after your purge and replace is processed.

Click here for Biblio's recommendations and minimum size requirements for book photos.

Me encantó encontrar el libro que buscaba y vuestro servicio. Fue fantástico poder encontrar un ejemplar descatalogado y recibirlo a tiempo.

Margaret, PA